Bala Bala Music

Purple Rain's maiden album was released on the band's 20th anniversary by Goa's pop icon Remo Fernandes. Band members, including the early members, were decked up in purple finery, accepting Congratulatory accolades with an air of nostalgia. It was a vitual pay back time for Purple Rain.

01. Make it all right
02. Goa re Amchem
03. Hello Lady
04. Papa Day
05. Ooh la la ooh
06. Painted Faces
07. Bala Bala Music
08. Magician's Blues
09. Pausu Boglek Medley
10. Kazaracho Wish

The album features Acacio Tavares (Rhythm Guitar & Vocals) Marcelino Fernandes (Keyboards) Franky Fernandes (Lead Guitar & Vocals) Emman Dias (Drums) and Edwin Rodrigues (Bass) and the early members Elvis D'Souza (Bass & Vocals) and Tony D'Souza (Drums).

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